Top 5 Accessories for a Coffee Table

The coffee table is the center of your living room. It's an important focal point that people gather around and is a key piece to think about when designing your ideal aesthetic. Coffee tables come in a number of designs and styles and their are endless ways to style them with various home accessories. In this post, we will shoe you some timeless ways to make sure your home looks beautiful and comfortable.  

In most cases, it just take a couple of basic home accessories to bring your living room to life. Our assortment of home accessories is the perfect place to start to get your coffee table upgraded quickly and affordably. We have a store in orange county if you want to drop by or we can ship directly you. 

1. Crystal Spheres on Black Base

These crystal sphere are a fantastic way to dress up any black modern table. High quality materials go a long way with ensuring accessory accents don't detract from the furniture you've invested in. These bases are iron finished in a brushed black to ensure they look as luxe as the rest of your living room. Shop the Crystal Spheres here

Crystal Orbs on Metal Base on top of Coffee Table

2. Ivory Circular Decorative Bowl

A high-quality quality bowl is the perfect accessory that works on nearly every coffee table and an ivory bowl will go with nearly any color coffee table. In addition, it cleans up one of your most used surfaces by giving your remote, coasters, and matches a place to live. Shop this home accessory here.

 Ivory Ceramic Bowl

3. Abstract Gold Accent Piece

If you want to make a statement and make your table a bit more sophisticated, these oblong, gold rings are the perfect pick. This accessory can be places on a coffee table, a console, and more to really up-level your aesthetic. If your home is modern and minimal this is the accent accessory for you. Shop hereOblong Gold Ring Home Accessory

4. Shell Sculpture

This set of shell sculptures are the perfect addition to any coastal home. These natural elements add a touch of coastal charm to your space. If you're looking for a home accessory to elevate your coffee table decor, you can't go wrong with the understated elegance of these shell accessories. Shop this set of shells hereShell sculptures

5. Decorative Boxes

These refined decorative boxes are an incredible way to add some sophistication to your home. They come in both black and white so they can work with almost any color coffee table. With its Art Deco-inspired design, luxurious materials, and attention to detail, these decorative boxes will delight your guests. Shop black here. Shop white here

Decorative boxes

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