Best Shopping in Newport Beach

Only in Newport Beach will the best places to shop include one of the world's iconic stores, coastal shops and famous shopping mall.
These days, almost any product can be shipped to your home in less than a day, but we think there is still something special about shopping in-person. Getting to touch and feel products, find deals, ask questions, and meet people is not something that can be replicated online. Yes, most stores support online e-commerce, but the truly special retail shops are unmatched by their online counterparts.
In this article we tried to distill the best shopping in Newport Beach with a distinctive Southern California identity. 
1. Blends
Blends was founded with the aim of offering a distinct and unparalleled shopping experience to consumers searching for the latest trends in Newport Beach. The footwear they offer is curated from the top designer brands with a focus on unique styles and colors that are rare. This shop has been a hotspot with peope who love sneakers and fashion for over 10+ years in orange county. With a unique international perspective, owners Tak Kato and Mike Toe draw from their upbringing in Japan to blend diverse global tastes with top-quality products. Our inaugural store opened more than a decade ago in Costa Mesa, California, and since then, we have expanded our industry presence, boasting five brick-and-mortar locations across Costa Mesa. Shop with Blends for a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience in Newport Beach.
Blends Store with Shoes in Costa Mesa
2. WIP
This coffee shop / wine bar / gift shop is one of the coolest shops in Orange County. It feels like a coffee shop straight out of Portland or Brooklyn. The big iron windows are gorgeous and the coffee is incredible - we recommend the iced lavender latte. At this coffee shop they also serve craft beer, natural wine, and killer sandwiches. They've got a whole host of foodie gift as well for any food lover in your life. 
3. Htgt Furniture
Okay, we are biased, but it's true we have a beautiful store. Whether it's art, home accessories, furniture, or rugs we've got the most unique gifts in the area. In a sea of mass market furniture stores (Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, etc) - we provide a unique perspective on home decor and furniture. Whether it's a Christmas gift, a gift for Mom, or a treat yourself present to make your house a home, we've got best goods for your home. 
Furniture store with art, accessories, and furniture in costa mesa.
4. Seed Market
This store is our go to for gifts for any member of the family. For Mom - they have necklaces, skincare, sunglasses, and much more. For Dad - there is camping gear, clothes, pocket knives, and coffee gear. For the kids there is rock climbing clothing, Patagonia, gadgets, and school supplies. It's the perfect place to explore, shop, and find the perfect gift. Our pro tip, go next door to get some boba or Vietnamese food while you are in the area. 
Seed Market Photos in Costa Mesa
5. Diptyque
This store is one of our favorite stores for a guilty pleasure type of purchase. Luxury candles, perfumes, diffusers, and bath/body care are all perfect gifts for family and friends. A giant candle is the best house warming present anyone could ask for, but it will definitely set you back a couple hundred dollars. 
Diptyque andles Images
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