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Onyx blend 42X42X15h

Onyx blend 42X42X15h

Item Number: HTHK-5934-80111-00

This coffee table  combines Pewter Metal on a geometrically-shaped interwoven base with a Tumbled White Onyx top with shades of grays, creams and golds for an eclectic blending of elegant, organic materials in a medley of rich neutrals.

An eclectic blending of colors, textures, and materials in a vibrant collection of one-of-a-kind artistic pieces,  is meant to inspire you and fuel an experience of self discovery, inspiring a renaissance in your home. Each piece is unique with its own story.

Features: Round shape
Metal base
Onyx top

Material: Tumbles White Onyx with Carbon Steel Metal
Finish: Silvers
Finish: Pewter metal base with tumbled white onyx
Style: Modern-Contemporary


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